"If you are looking for someone that knows the business Robin is your lady, I have to tell you that after going through three different realtors Robin was like an angel from the sky, she listen, was very patient and understanding with my decisions. Buying a house is very stressful as it is and if I would have found her from the beginning it would of save me lots of headaches. Is been a little over a year now and I have no regrets on my purchase, she found the floor plan I asked for, the area I requested and never did she make me waste my time viewing properties that did not met my expectations. Robin Reed-Hicks is a true real estate professional.."

"Robin, I just wanted to send a thank-you your way, for you have been so on target and very professional in keeping me up to date." 

"We thank you for finding our home and for helping to make it happen. You're a professional with warmth, charm and class."


When we decided to purchase a home in Florida, Clermont was our first choice since we were looking online. Robin was the agent we were introduced to and she had a wealth of knowledge to share about the area and others. She was very, very professional and I never once thought "oh, she is just tell us that to get us to buy quickly." She pointed out certain things to us and was always willing to go the extra mile, even on Sundays, to show us more properties. We were living in the Virgin Islands while we were looking and for every question I had for Robin either by phone or email in no time, whether she was on the highway or at home, early in the morning or late at night, as soon as she became aware that there was a message I had an answer. I would be up sending her MLS on properties I would like to look at 2am and by morning there was an answer. Talk about being responsive? That's Robin. I can remember the day we sent our bid for the home we now own. There were a few persons bidding and we were number two. However, Robin thought that we should bid a little higher and we told her we did not want to because we did not want to too far abouve our heads and Robin understood our situation and did not force us. We did lost the bid to the higher bidder but they were unable to go through. Immediately, Robin was there on the phone calling to tell us the house was ours. No time was lost getting us back to the table and buying our home. That is proficiency. Our experience with Robin very so good that we recommended several other persons to her who also bought homes. I can give Robin my money and trust her enough to do the right thing. But how can she do anything different when she is a Christian? Every person that she has recommended to us has been nothing but the best. The appraiser got us to purchase our home $10,000.00 less than the asking price. Fees that we would have had to pay, she got the seller to pay and I could continue to list alot more. For experience, knowledge and dedication to her clients, the number one agent is Robin Reed-Hicks. Don't take my words, try her.

"Robin found my home on January 23, 2004 and now on the 17th of February 2004, I am closing,closing on my first house. I am buying a house and I have Robin to thank."






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